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Details of the new series of workshops and circles coming soon!


Presence is a programme of workshops dedicated to help you connect with your core being and express the multidimensionality of your Self.

Each workshop takes you on a journey of self-discovery, peace and harmony, through a specific medium for a mindful exploration of your creativity.

Movement, sound and visual arts are the main fields of expression which I invite you to explore in my workshops and circles.

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Workshops and Circles presentation

Quantum Chi Kung



The Quantum Chi Kung movement

emerges from stillness and returns to stillness



It is born deep within the body.

Quantum Chi Kung is in resonance with movements that occur on the cosmic scale as well as with infinitely small movements that operate at the core of living creatures on the Earth plane.

Practising Quantum Chi Kung is to consciously tune into our natural and multidimensional relationship to All that is through intuitive movement, to be fully anchored in the present moment and in our body, to cultivate and widen our perception skills, and to experience a deep sense of peace, aliveness and harmony.

It is a movement that already exists within all and each of us.


Quantum Chi Kung is a 2 hours workshop.

No previous experience in Chi Kung practice is required.

Open to all.

Chanted Meditation Circle



The Chanted Meditation Circle is a space

dedicated to experience meditation

through chanting and voice exploration


We start with tuning into a zone of deep silence within from which will gradually emerge soft sounds. Their vibrations enhance our meditation, while leading us to resonate in harmony with the other persons present in the circle.


The intention is rooted in experiencing a state of meditation through voice sound, not to sing as such.


There are no set patterns or words involved. All along the session, we remain anchored in the moment allowing improvisation to unfold and our meditative state to deepen.



A Chanted Meditation Circle lasts for approximately 1 hour.

No previous experience in meditation practice or voice work is required.

All welcome.


Simple tools

for a greater well-being


Tap into your inner potential to experience

a genuine sense of well-being and

feel empowered in your daily life



This one-day-workshop is designed to provide you with simple exercises to enhance your well-being on a daily basis and explore different means of expression to unveil your unique potential and nurture your creativity.


We will explore:

  • Guided meditation and relaxation

  • Writing a note of intention for the day and beyond

  • Breathing exercises and Chi Kung

  • Drawing as a mean of self-discovery and manifestation

  • Mindful time outdoors

  • Voice work including toning, harmonisation and improvisation

  • Katsugen or free movement to awaken our body-mind connection


Simple tools for a greater well-being is a one-day workshop.

No previous experience in any of the practices mentioned is required.

Open to all.

Opening doors through movement



Movement is an essential

expression of life



Exploring the realms of movement is a great opportunity to open doors within, free our self-expression and experience a real sense of aliveness.

In this workshop, we will practise different types of movements:

  • gentle moves for relaxation and the release of tensions

  • energising and balancing moves inspired by Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice

  • meditative moves that connect our body and mind and help us feel whole

  • mindful free movement in tune with our emotions and intentions

  • enlivening moves to explore our creativity and express our uniqueness



Opening doors through movement is a 2 hours workshop.

No previous experience in dance or any school of movement required.

Open to all.


Voice improvisation Circle



Voice improvisation is about tuning in with our inner voice and sharing the harmony frequencies

that are created by all those present

at the time in the circle


Singing is an essential part of human life.

It is a natural skill we all have beyond the limitations that we have been imposed on - and we believe are true - or that we have imposed on ourselves.

It is not about knowledge.

It starts with listening: listening within, listening to the sounds present all around, listening to the song of the world in all its diversity.


Improvising has the magic effect of freeing our self-consciousness as it is based on a spontaneous expression of sounds that respond and echo those of the others in the group. There are no preset melodic patterns or lyrics to know. It is an unfolding creative process that takes place in the moment.


The Voice improvisation Circle invites you to open up to your being of vibrations, to find your unique and inner voice and to join in to sound with everyone in harmony. It is a deep and playful time to experience your natural voice.



 A Voice improvisation Circle lasts for 2 hours.

No previous experience in singing or music is required.

All welcome.


Connecting with Trees

with our special guest Jo Smith Oliver



A day for discovering and deepening

our connection with Trees


Just for a few special hours, Cecile and Jo will lead us in a day of consciously changing our relationship to nature…  so that we are the observed, we are being watched, heard and felt.


We will create a party together with a mixture of blessing, sacred offering, listening, dance, drawing our Tree Within, poetry and song while tuning into the part of ourselves which is in touch with the elements of nature.


Come and join us as we celebrate together.

Bring lunch and any activity you would like to share for and with our gentle green giants…..



 Connecting with Trees is a one-day workshop.







Sat 13

Sun 14

11 am - 1 pm

11 am - 1 pm

Voice Improvisation Circle

Opening doors through movement

Wed 17

Sat 20

Sun 21

10 am - 12 noon

10 - 11 am

10 am - 4 pm

Quantum Chi Kung

Chanted Meditation Circle

Simple tools for a greater well-being


Wed 7

10 am - 12 noon

Quantum Chi Kung

Sat 17

Wed 28

10 am - 4 pm

10 am - 12 noon

Connecting with Trees

Quantum Chi Kung


Sat 1st

Sun 2

Sat 8

Sun 9

Sat 15

Sun 16

11 am - 1 pm

2 - 4 pm

10 - 11 am

11 am - 1 pm

10 - 11 am

10 am - 4 pm

Opening doors through movement

Voice Improvisation Circle

Chanted Meditation Circle

Quantum Chi Kung

Chanted Meditation Circle

Simple tools for a greater well-being

Details of the new series of workshops and circles coming soon!

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All workshops and circles take place in Nairn, Highlands.

More details will be provided once you have booked your place.


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Chanted Meditation Circle

Quantum Chi Kung

Voice Improvisation Circle

Opening doors through movement

Simple tools for a greater well-being

Connecting with Trees

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