The Diamond within



Deep within the core of our being

Lies a diamond that holds

Our beauty and wisdom


It nurses the limitless

Potential of the spiritual

Child of the Earth

We are


Our purpose is to dig

Through the layers of charcoal

And find our inner light


When we acknowledge and honour

Our truth

An alchemical process of


Is taking place


Brought to the outer light

The diamond reveals

The myriad of universal connections

We are part of


And it reminds us that we are

One element of the Whole

Playing its unique part


Then, as we listen to the

Song of the Universe

We are inspired by the harmony

Finally remembered


We are compelled to join

The Dance and

Embrace it with Joy


We are reconnected with

The multidimensionality of our Being

And open to experience a new

Expansion of Consciousness.

One with it all



I am who I am

I am where I am meant to be


I breathe

I listen

I look

I feel


All is there

All is in tune


The movement of the waves

The movement of the clouds

The shapes and the curves

The light that sculpts

The feather in the wind

The presence of the trees


The changing colours

The roof that cracks in the heat

The cries of the seagulls

The songs of other birds

The grass that quivers in the breeze

The sea that mirrors the sun


The harmony of the Whole

Reminds me that

I am One

With it all.

Infinite Vision

I am often taken onto

A big scale journey

Where all feels unlimited

Unrestricted, open and wide

Lately, I sensed the desire

To go deep within instead

And reach out for the tiny

Remote parts of my being

A microscopic world of mine

That echoes the macrocosm

What a stunning vision!

Similitude of patterns and colours

Depths that seem limitless

Existence here being as powerful and strong

As it is in the vast whole



And mirrors

What an infinite vision!



All is opening

All is ready


Within the deep


That follows the

End of the Old World

All is there


Not yet born

Though wholly contained

In the seeds that rest

In the ground

The New World is waiting

For a signal to start

Its dance


All living creatures

Are holding their breath

Are holding their moves

In a state of huge expectation


The void of chaos

Is giving place

To the fullness of

Infinite potentials


Dreams long held

Visions stored on the shelves

Of our hearts and souls

Are about to see the light

Of a new dawn

And be unleashed

In a burst of tremendous







The heart of the Earth

Beats on a deep rhythm

The waters hum their melody

The wind whispers new words

The fires cast their light over the whole






The Song of the Universe

Emerges and expands


It flows and runs

It flies and dives

Touching all that is

Lifting the veil that

Held everything still


It awakens New Life

Within each cell

It reveals the hidden treasures

Of joy and wonder

Secretly kept within our beings


It shakes matter

Wakes up new means of connection

Brings to life unexpressed thoughts

And desires


It washes away aches and pains

And renews flesh and bones

While healing the wounds


Allowing each sentient being

To open up to the new

Consciousness now present

Within and without all


Listen to its song

Look at its graceful dance

Feel its rhythm move your whole being

And join the celebration


The New World is being born!

Just a thought

What if.....?



What if we were giving more love?

What if we were giving only love?


What if we were looking for all of the love deposits in the world?

What if we were digging out all of the love available and sharing it out to all?


What if we were so busy searching, digging, extracting and giving love that there would be no time for anything else?


What if giving love was becoming the number one task for humans all over the planet?

What would happen then?


Hey, what would really happen?


We would become love!