Expansion of Consciousness




I am standing still

The Universe is holding me

In arms of Light and Peace

My heart is opening

My whole being has longed

For this moment

I am now ready

To humbly

R e c e i v e

From the point of origin

That lies deep within

My Being

I feel expansion happening

It is born Invisible first

And grows wide

In all directions

Now revealing

Its presence

Of Light

It is transforming

The very substance of matter

From cell level

Through the whole Universe

Boundaries and obstacles dissolve

Giving place to

A field of energy

Of a new kind

No more separation

No more limits

No more fears

I am becoming

An open vessel

Of vibrations




Are pouring into

My being

I am becoming



And Light


I realise the Oneness

Of All Things

The limited space

Of my old being

Is no more

I am part of

The Whole

Reunited with It

Essence and matter

Fullness and void

Darkness and light

Manifested and non-manifested

Dance together

And play

The Song of the Universe.




The turmoil of my heart

The echo of my wounds

The futile thoughts of my mind

The aches of my body


Fade away and become a distant tune

Now that I sit in the Earth’s lap


I surrender

I yield to the grace

Of being held


No more grief

No more pain

No more drama


I slowly allow Beauty

To greet me with Its

Gentle touch

And transform the very

Substance of my being


I surrender

I yield to the joy

Of being loved


No more tears

No more fears

No more expectations


The burden is lifted

I become light


I allow Peace

To instil Its soft power

Deeper and deeper within

And reveal the essence

Of my true being


I am at peace


I soften up

I melt and give up

All resistance


The limits of my being

Become blurred

My mind is asked to listen


No more boundaries

No more limitations

No more shapes


The expansion that

Triggers my consciousness

Unveils new dimensions

And awakens an unknown

Sense of space


I feel vaster

I feel deeper

I feel shapeless


I perceive the void within matter

I see void and matter vibrate together


I am here and far away

I am nowhere and everywhere


I am all that is and

I am nothing


I resonate

In harmony with

The Whole.






Have been wandering off

For years

No sense of direction


Was fun at first

Taste of freedom

Like a soothing illusion


Numb and empty

Such is all


Didn’t feel it coming

Got to my bones




Thought of losing myself

To better find me again

Tricked and trapped

I needed to flee


Let it all slip!

Let it all flow!


Got it all wrong

Mistaking the fall

For a flight

I witnessed disintegration


Scattered bits of my being

Floating away

Far from the core

That was it!


Too late to react

Too late to attempt

Any holding move

Didn’t see it coming

Happened all at once

Or so I believed


I raged at the sight of

The lethal dance

That possessed the puppet

I became

Soundless cries

Mute tears

The words slipped away

Laughing at me

No more school rhymes

No more beats

Memories vanished


I was left

With a deafening silence

As my only companion


Pains and aches


Like worms

Ate me

From within


Was there still

Such a space

As within?


Soon I’d be no more





Can’t remember…

Didn’t see it coming

My wounds bled

Pearls of silver


That exploded

And transformed

Into sparkles of light

Like dying stars


Reborn in shapes

Of a new matter

Unknown to me

Until now


Myriad of lights

A firework

Lit up the void

That held my birth


And theirs and yours

Above, below

And in all directions

As far as gaze could reach


We stared in awe

What is it?



Something is brewing

Something is growling


In the depths

Far away from the light

A big wave is forming


Something is growing

Something is wailing


The movement newly born

Diffuses wild rhythms

In its raw infancy


Tumbling stones

Rumble and roar

In the bed of

The tumultuous waters


Something is moving

Something is shifting


Giant steps

Climbing from within

Try to reach out

To the light



Feral and urgent

The movement rises up

Chaos is raging

Life is urging

A deafening cry

Of hope bursts out


Sweeping away the dullness

It slams everything on its way

Kicking and shouting at

Those who don’t move


Something is happening

Something is changing


Violent and ruthless

It bellows a harsh

Wind of newness

That awakens all


Beyond will and desire

It shuts and freezes

The minds left in a

Mute state of shock

Something is being unveiled

Something is emerging

What is it?


No one knows


And yet

One can feel it

One can hear it

Some can sense it

Some can even see it

But no one can name it


It shapes itself according to

Each and everyone’s perception

While remaining the same and

Preserving its essence

It always appears exactly

As one wills

Again and again

And as ever One.

The Voices



I sit quietly

And listen


I begin to perceive

The whispers of the world


Faint and subtle sounds that echo

A distant part of my soul


I close my eyes and rejoice

Allowing myself to be immersed

In a soothing sound bath


Memories arise

Images pass by

Unknown or forgotten

Some are blur

Some vivid and bright


Fleeting flashes of light

They draw my attention

Divert it and confuse it

Playing hide-and-seek

Laughing at my relentless effort

To grasp and hold on

Their fluttery appearance


Let them pass

Let them go

Says the voice within

My breath deepens

I let go and remain seated

At the core of my being

I listen...

I can hear the voices rise


Some are familiar

Their loving memory

Makes me smile


Others I don’t recognise

They speak a language

Unknown to me


Dressed in sounds of all colours

Playing tones and heights of all sorts

They merge and dance together


Sometimes discordant

Often melodious

They create a tableau

That all my senses embrace


A laugh here

A lecture there

A poem, a song

An insult or a cry


High, low, fast

Stressed or soft

The voices tell stories

About all and each of us


All at once

Though distinctly

They say it all


Even the lies

The words of hatred

The twisted thoughts and regrets

To have said or not said

The hidden wounds and desires

The untold woes

The daring dreams

The contained words of love

The scornful bites

The poetic thoughts

And the secret feelings


They sing it all


I can hear them

I can feel them

Travel through me

Then fly away

Carrying on their journey

To wherever they are blown


The voices move along

Untrodden paths

And deliver their message

To whoever is willing to receive it


They spread the stories

That we all share without knowing

How they wrap us in their web

Of meaning and consciousness

Of feelings and images


They sing

The Song of the Whole

They sing

The Soul of the World.