Bits and Sparkles

If you can’t run fast enough to escape the sticky paws of your ego, then stop, turn back and laugh at it.

You’ll see!!


Sharp and shining

The blade is ready

For me to kill

My habits

Cracking shell

The skin opens

And lets

The blood out,

A stream of crying life

Being still

I welcome Silence

Which apparent emptiness

Is testing my mind

Will it cope?

When the mind is ready

To relinquish its hunger

For filling up the void

And accept what is

Silence is willing

To make its whispers


For they are not addressed

To the mind

That would eat them up


They are aimed

For the Heart

That will sing along with them

And for the soul

That will create a

Garden out of them

Tears become laughter

Anger dissolves

I am left battered

By the wind of Newness



Always be

Try not to do


Start with Being

Welcome your tears

Feel them

Thank them

And let them go


Hits and blows


Shocks and stops




Heart racing

Bitter tears

Altered breath



No end

It all begins


Deafening tearing sounds

From within

Sharp edge

The Void opens

Its Arms for me

To perform the

Long desired fall

Will I?


My Man



My man has long hair

And graceful hands


My man plays guitar

And sings love songs


My man listens and laughs

From his heart


My man has long forgotten

To punch and hurt


My man always knows

Where the moon is


My man climbs mountains

And touches the sky

He walks the Earth

She is his home


My man owns little

But has all he needs


My man plants trees

And changes the life of many


My man is one of these new men

Whose souls are joining the Earth

In growing number

And bring in, for the best of all,


Their Powerful Softness.

Time Within 


Time within

All is suspended

All is held up

Somewhere, somehow


The cold wind

Fiercely presses us

To remain indoors


Just a little longer

Just for the necessary

Time to reconsider

The plan and adjust

To the new path


One that starts


One that wishes

To be deeply anchored

In the centre

In the heart


One that draws from its roots

The nurturing essence

Of its inspiration

Before venturing out

Spreading wide

To explore


Time within

Before the great expansion

Full of desirable promises

Filled with colourful visions

Of the New

To come and unveil



Wait in peace


Trust in the right timing

Enjoy the dotted line

Skip and play along

While you wait





No more howling wind

The high waves are tamed

The returning sun is changing

Their foamy dark greens

Into a silver mirror


Oblique lines on the horizon

Draw the curtain of rain

And reveal the next scene

Blue sky returns


Time within

Is gently fading away

Time for change

Is stepping on stage

The Journey Within



In search of the Light

Questing for the Self

Through woodlands and caves

Along the rivers and

At the core of mountains

On the heights

Or underground


We come across dark patches

Stagnant waters

Where unpleasant

Frightening, mesmerising

Encounters await

Ready to unveil

What we’d wish

Not to see


But yet…


A part of us wants it

Intuitively, we know

That we must experience

These encounters

To better know and acknowledge them

To better tame but not own them


They are the Mysteries

Acting as potent revelations of

All that is

Beyond our own will


They are the Guides


When it is time for us

To open the door of the Mysteries

Then we can gaze at them

We can face them

While avoiding to be swallowed up

By the abyss of emotions

They provoke


If, alert, we can keep

The distance that protects

While honouring

The sacred place

Where they lie


We are given to



Somewhere, somehow 


And close

I am not sure

Where I stand


I follow the meanders

Of my Soul’s journey


Sometimes I feel connected

Sometimes not

I can see clearly

Or lose sight


Agitated, weak and nervous once

Peaceful, serene and floating soon after

Perpetual change

Constant movement


Flowing like sand

Between my fingers

My emotions

My feelings

My visions

Flutter and flash


No need to hold on them

Not even the slightest desire for it

I watch the animation of my life

Amused and accepting


I know I am fine

As long as I relinquish

The temptation of taking control


It is as it is