About me

My life is a path of exploration, creativity and discovery.

Curiosity has led my steps since childhood. I am a slow wanderer and a contemplative. I spend most of my time in nature, on beaches, in woodlands, around lochs and mountains where I walk and sit down to listen.


In the past, I lived near Paris and in London.

Arts were the core of my life. I studied applied arts (Ecole Boulle - Paris), designed costumes and sets for theatre, played cello and sung classical music. I had my first personal exhibition in a Parisian gallery when I was twenty years old.

I practised Tai Chi and Chi Kung – which I taught over the years – Kendo, Battodo and Butoh dance. I worked as a Reiki practitioner and experimented in the field of sound energy healing.


Nowadays, I run Voice & Drum Sound Healing sessions and Sound Baths, I create Personal Oracle Drawings and carry on painting and drawing following varied sources of inspiration.


And I write, following a guidance inspired by my inner world as well as by insights, thoughts and visions given to me from what I suppose is a wider field of consciousness common to all living beings, beyond the mundane limitations of our so-called reality.


I am fascinated by human beings in their diversity. It is probably the weirdest species in its ability to spread from the most terrifying acts of violence and destruction to the most stunning expressions of beauty, creativity and love.


Sharing laughter, music and visions with others is one of my favourite activities.

Each individual is unique and has so much to give.

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