I invite you to discover the different aspects of my work along these pages.

I have always been drawn to an eclectic range of activities which I view as fields of exploration and means of self-discovery, as well as ways of deepening my understanding and my relationship to the world.

Discovering links or creating bridges and connections between the different elements constituting the diversity of our world are great motivations that stimulate my creativity.

Diversity is ingrained in my being: I am a French native and have lived in London then in the Highlands for over twenty years - I am currently based in Findhorn; I am an artist who enjoys the solitary work of painting in a studio as much as the frenzied team work of collective creation like I experienced in the world of theatre; I like the experience of deep and mindful sharing, which happens in the workshops I hold, as much as sitting in nature alone to contemplate and listen to nature's whispers; I sing and drum by myself and like playing cello with other musicians, and I offer Voice and Drum Sound Healing one-to-one or group sessions as well as Sound Baths...


So in this website I gathered the different aspects of my explorations and wanderings as follows:

I have created a unique and personal tool of meditation and self-discovery which I call Personal Oracle Drawing or P.O.D. : It is a drawing specially designed while I am in a state of meditation in connection with the person it is destined for, who will use their P.O.D. to connect with the deeper parts of their Self and seek for answers.

You can order yours on the P.O.D. page.

I offer sound journeys for individuals as well as for groups using voice and drumming, for everyone to experience a deep sense of harmony and tune into their inner song of well-being.


My blog in which I am happy to share my moods, inspirations, texts and more...


The events page displays information about the workshops, classes and circles I hold in the Highlands.


The writings are an ensemble of poems, short texts and excerpts of The Tree Book, which I am currently writing.

The gallery pages show my drawings and photos: The drawings page shows pictures of my pencil and charcoal drawings, pastels and watercolours. All portraits and landscapes are imaginary! The photos I take are my way to grasp and show the illusions of reality, to transmute them and allow us to reconsider our perception of the world we live in.

Enjoy the journey!